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Next session: TBD

In 2021 I began a series of voice masterclasses on Zoom. This will work like a group voice lesson.

I will lead you through a series of warmup exercises aimed at strengthening breath support, expand range and improve airflow.

We will then work on a few songs (you will receive them a few days prior to the masterclass). We will use that to talk about melodic lines, phrasing, diction and vowel color. 

The session will end with a Q&A, where you can ask any question you may have about vocal technique, and get personalized feedback. 

$10 - 1h group class

Voice. Piano. Guitar. Songwriting. Monthly Vocal Masterclasses. 


I firmly believe that it is my mission as an educator to also be a mentor and a role model for my students. I strive to not only teach music, but to open their hearts towards art, beauty and creativity, to teach them dedication, passion, discipline, and help them develop life skills that will make them successful in whatever field they will choose to be in. 


I've been teaching private lessons since 2009 to both children and adults, ages 4 and up! I am currently teaching only online, through FaceTime and Zoom, contact me with any questions, rates or more information, I'd love to talk to you about my fun and engaging teaching method!

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