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For booking:

For lessons:

Host a House Concert!

What you need:

A space (small or big), a few friends you want to invite, and a love for music.

What we bring:

Music equipment and our beautiful selves.

Why do it?

It gives us an opportunity to connect with people on a deeper, more meaningful level. All I can ever hope for as a songwriter is to share my music in an intimate setting, where people have a chance to get immersed in the act of listening, where they can ask questions directly to the songwriter, and where we can all connect as human beings who love art!

Can my guests bring their own booze?

Heck yeah!

How does Valentina Sounds get paid?

You can have a tip bucket, a pay what you want policy or have a suggested donation at the door.

Questions? Email me! I’m pretty approachable!

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